Telling Stories of Love, Loss, and Tragedy: Larenzo Dutoni is Redefining the Pop-Rock Genre With His Newest Release Titled “Tonight (Sleep Tight My Love)”

“Tonight (Sleep Tight My Love)” is Indie progressive Rock at its unapologetic finest as Larenzo Dutoni channels his heartbreak into purgative, liberating music, for himself and his fans.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – July 16th, 2021  –   Rare are pop musicians that possess the humanizing ability and prudence to tap deep into their psyche, acknowledge what they are feeling, and turn that poignancy into cathartic lyricism that liberates them and others. Larenzo Dutoni is one of those rare artists with the special prowess to write and sing songs that make the listener feel comforted and hopeful. His newest release, “Tonight (Sleep Tight My Love)”, is about freedom and liberation.

The “Big Idea” Larenzo Dutoni wishes to convey with this song is that it should be safe for all the diverse races in the world to come together and raise happy, healthy families without the danger of the world ending abruptly. With “Tonight (Sleep Tight My Love)”, Larenzo is sending a message of urgency to the international community, inviting them to come together, to create a safer, more loving, and peaceful world for the next generation of dreamers.

Larenzo, in his latest release, implores adults to set aside their prejudices and differences, to pave way for a safer tomorrow, so that the children can “sleep tight at night in their beds”.

His message of hope and optimism is accentuated by his remarkable lyrical style, his stunning vocals, and his melodically crafted hooks. This particular song is a testament to the fact that Larenzo Dutoni is a well-seasoned, mature musician as well as a humanitarian, who aims to leave behind a better world.

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Larenzo Dutoni is the musical alter ego of Larry Dutton, a Canadian singer/song writer, producer and recording artist. He is best known for his fresh energetic “rock music” his strong drum presence, all delivered in a pop style with melodic, memorable, musical hooks. What truly sets Larenzo Dutoni miles apart from his competition is his voice, honesty, and craftsmanship, using strong melodies, powerful rhythms, and interesting arrangements. Moreover, in every song, he aspires to deliver a strong message relating to the mood of the day– with the song, “Tonight (Sleep Tight My Love)”, Larenzo is not afraid to tackle pertinent socio-political issues and deal with themes of inclusivity, love, racial equality and agency with prudence.

The Dutoni team is dedicated to the creation of unparalleled music while sharing their beliefs and inspirations with the world. Their plans include establishing the highest level of online media presence internationally while reaching the widest audience possible.



Name: Larenzo Dutoni
Email Address: [email protected]