Telugu Movie ‘Life of 3’ Has Some Hot New Tracks For You

Hyderabad, Telangana, India — November 1st, 2021 – A man of many talents, Sashi Preetam has made his comeback after 25 long years as a film director. He rose to fame when he released his debut movie in Telugu 25 years ago. He then took a sabbatical from the film; however, Sashi did not stop producing music. Now back in the scene as a singer, songwriter, and film director, Sashi has just composed a new music album for Life of 3. This film consists of nine tracks in total, in Hindi and Telugu language. The movie Life of 3 is a suspenseful, psychological thriller revolving around the lives of three characters. Starring Snehal Kamat, this film was produced by the talented Aishwarya Krishna Priya and her company Creative Species Group. Anirudh Mantripragada edited this crime thriller. Sashi being a musician himself, has made sure to give room to new singers in the film. Featuring new talents like Vandana Susheel, Aishwarya Krishna Priya, Prathyusha Paluri, Prathyusha Sharma, Kavya Vadlamani, Susheel Pandompadam, Aditya Bheemathati, Vidyadharan Raghavan, and Mridul Sharma, the songs of this movie are a refreshing must-listen.

Coming back to the music album of this movie, each of the nine tracks is a piece of art and hard work and will appeal to listeners globally. The track ‘Nuvu Naku nachave’ is a Telugu romantic number sung by NC Karunya, who first rose to fame in Indian Idol 2. ‘Badhte Jau’ is an upbeat jingle about the aspirations of a young girl and is performed by Vandana Susheel. The third track is ‘Sunni Pindi’ and features Aishwarya Krishna Priya, Prathyusha Paluri, and Prathyusha Sharma.  It is about the tribal and rural cultures of Indian villagers. ‘Lamhon Mein’ is the fourth track that showcases the voice of Sashi Preetam. The other two tracks of this album, ‘Time is Still’ and ‘Lost in the Last,’ are haunting melodies that add to the versatility of this album. The seventh track is ‘Mari Allukupothanu,’ performed by Samanvitha Sharma. Lastly, the last two songs include a remix and an inspiration song featuring multiple singers.

All the songs for this film were written and composed by Sashi Preetam and produced by Aishwarya Krishna Priya.

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Sashi Preetam is a film composer, music director, animal lover, philanthropist, etc. He has composed music for several Indian films, giving him a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. Having a talent for composing everlasting scores, the artist has made a comeback with his new film, Life of 3, and a banging new album to go along with it.


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