The Less Defined The Koozies Knows No Limities

The Less Defined The Koozies Knows No LimitiesThe Koozies are all over the place when it comes to trying to put them into a category of music. Everything from jazz, blues, country, and even drunk gypsy music comes up. The band is all about having a good time so if you’re not having one while listening to their music then something is not right.

Their debut album “Keep It Cool” was less refined as the band just wanted to play music, no formula was needed. The album presented the band as cowboys on the run heading towards alternative county with some punk rock attitude. Their sophomore album “POWDERKEG” was another experimentation that was well received by both critics and fans.

The catchy tune “Son Of Oregon” is a honky tonk kind of song with the banjo in full force and a chanting chorus that is sure to rally up the crowds “We are what we are. We, WE ARE ALIVE!” The lead vocalist has a memorizing voice. “Crystal Ball” must the gypsy music that everyone keeps referring to. The instrumental arrangement with the big horns and gypsy vibe shows the variety in production. “Wrong Side Of The Ace” is for the punk rock and rock n roll lovers. The chops and riffs with precise timing and pauses.

The band is constantly on the road tearing clubs and festivals up. Check out their website for the latest news