The Rapper Who Can’t Talk Right…Til’ He Has The Mic.

Aurora, Colorado — Wednesday, August 7th, 2019Mom needs a kidney, not awaiting’ list. Dad needs a milly’ not cancer sticks. Lines sparks up the fireplace, humility does equal grace…” A view of the Rocky Mountains come into vision, so does the vibrate messages of one such individual. Born and raised in the center of Aurora, Colorado is an artist that goes by the name that was given to him. That person is Aaron Lattany

Aaron is a young lyricist who also has a speech impediment. As one of the many challenges he faces on a daily basis, this hasn’t stopped him from doing what he loves. Not only for himself, but also for his parents. Both of whom have serious medical conditions. From the many parables written in his songs as his own “human experience,” Aaron looking for rep the awards of what he can achieve in the game for what he knows how to do best. Very hush on his end, doesn’t seem to show much on social media expect for his Instagram page riddled with freestyle. However many of his personal works can be founded on SoundCloud along with tracks on Spotify from his time with Bentley Records. Additional he has been dropping new hidden gems. Artworks hinting at a JUNGLE BOOK EP in the works. Seems that there is a lot to be unexpected from Aaron Lattany.

Aaron is truly is an artist for the art. In words, he mentioned for SKILLY Magazines’ Aaron simply believes this. “Whatever you put into the world, you get back in return. As I see it; you get what you deserve.” Other words from fans tell of how in awe he brings out this energy that makes them feel what Aaron is portraying in his songs and on stage. Some of his friends of Aaron mention being inspired by creating their own music for enjoyment. Aaron shows someone who wants to make music for the love of it.

Many sites to stay updated on Aaron Lattany are SoundCloud, Reverbnation, and recently Instagram as well. Most social cover has been on his Instagram page with coverage of moves he has been making and the many freestyles he has made. You also can hear him on some recent airwaves such as Spotify and some time on online streaming services such as dash mixtape.

If anyone should have a spot to reach the peaks of this industry, it should be artists such as Aaron Lattany and others alike. A man who will let his work speak for itself is someone the game needs to open up to. We at ArtistPR and the world are curious to see what Aaron will bring to the table.

Let This Artist’s, Light Shine!


Crawling to reach the upper echelon of the industry in any way possible he can, Colorado’s starving artist Aaron Lattany is someone who is known for intricate wordplay and wisdom in rap. From writing poems in elementary, Aaron started on a long road of understanding a new craft helping him express himself more outwardly with honesty. He found it also became something to better conquer his anxiety and speech impediment that has been with him since a young age. As he grew so did his writing abilities and found to mix his sense of poetry into raps. Aaron started recording his first demo tapes of Rap Tube and R.A.W (Real.Authentic.Writing) while in high school and after he graduated along with other single projects released on SoundCloud. From this, he went on to performances with Afton, Coast 2 Coast, The Showcase Tour and many more venues in Denver, Colorado. Soon he signed with Bentley Record for a few released tracks on Spotify and other popular media platforms. He has also had online interviews with SKILLY Magazine and RudeBoy Lifestyle magazine as well. With making moves on indie radio sites and working on his new experimental EP JUNGLE BOOK,



Aaron Lattany
1642 South Idalia Circle

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