The ‘Toe Tap’ By Dj DB-3 Is A Feel Good Song That Is Sure To Bring All The People To The Dance Floor.

Houston, Texas — Dj DB-3’s new release ‘Toe Tap’ is made for the old-young and the forever young-old. This dance song is for all clubs, events, parties, receptions and anywhere people want to have a good time. With its trap style beat and easy to groove lyrics, this song is sure to bring all the dancers to the floor!

Is he a Dj, MC, or a hype man? He is all of the above and ‘Toe Tap’ encompasses all of them. Streaming on all platforms and available for download this song is for the people looking to have a moment on the dance floor to remember. “The goal for this song is to allow people to forget about their troubles of the day, if only for just a moment” said Dj DB-3.

I-Roc Omega who has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo and Miguel, listened to this song and said, “I can hear it in the clubs and even cruise ships for years to come!” “As this song moves through the airwaves, it makes you want to get up and wiggle with it, rather you are a trained dancer or not!” exclaimed singer/songwriter, AbEbI.

Dj DB-3 The Legend of The Country, has made a classic dance ‘The Cha-Cha’ renewed on the track made by producer Juse Beats. This new take on the classic dance, is sure to get bodies moving and the dance floor packed.

‘Toe Tap’ is a dance for the ages. Dj DB-3 has brought something to get his fellow DJ’s a chance to make the dance floor the center of attention again.

Don’t get caught at the next event not knowing how to do ‘Toe Tap’ learn from the lyric and dance video here




Dj DB-3 is from the United States of America and is known as the Legend of The Country across the globe. He has an amalgamation of music in his selection. You never know what he will mix in while you are enjoying his craft. Not limiting his entertaining abilities to get a party started and get conversations rolling, Dj DB-3 likes to introduce all kinds of sound to the true lovers of music. Dj DB-3 official YouTube Page


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