This virtuoso has been labeled by some as.. The Next Most Interesting Man

This virtuoso has been labeled by some as.. The Next Most Interesting Man

Florida — Thursday, January 9th, 2020 — Koreyography could be the new artist we’ve been waiting for.  This virtuoso has elements of his arsenal that we don’t usually see in an artist. Directing/videography, hip hop choreography, breakdancing, tricking (extreme martial arts), scholar, musician, composer, and more!  This new artist seems to be the real deal!

Koreyography has been fortunate to be able to train/learn from some of the best in the world and utilizes all experiences in his music and movements.

Music Styles: Classical piano, salsa, hip hop, country, R&B, anime, rock, funk, jazz, etc..

Dance and body movement styles: Locking, breaking (breakdancing), hip hop choreography, and Tricking!

His first single “Wonder Bread Remix” only has three lines of instrumentation; Vocal, guitar, and keyboard (at the end). According to Koreyography, the Wonder Bread Remix doesn’t even scratch the surface for what he is planning to release within the next few months.

Koreyography’s song Wonder Bread makes a statement we can all relate to. Using tricky wordplay with double meanings throughout the song. Koreyography plans to release the original in the future but has not set an official release date yet.
This remix/cover, however, is meant to give off alive and in person lounge type of vibe for the audience.
Wonder Bread has multiple double meanings throughout the song and is referencing money (Mainly the American dollar).

All in all, we are looking forward to what Koreyography will be bringing to this industry and the world. Be the first to know the virtuoso known as Koreyography.

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Koreyography a.k.a Korey Witha K. The name koreyography came to life due to his competitive dancing, tricks, and choreography. Which would later transcend into other fields of entertainment. Before the name Koreyography came to life, Korey was heavy into sports, music, and education. Although everything is unique on its own, he was fascinated with the idea that everything is still the same, and we are all one. That being said, he took on new challenges that would later be a significant turn for his development as a human being and as an artist.



Korey Witha K

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