Tiki Black Announces Sophomore Album, ‘The Sound of the Broken Wand’

Inspired by the musical genius of industry icons, rising artist Tiki Black is set to soar and inspire with the help of beautiful songwriting and memorable instrumentalism

Manchester, England – October 18th, 2021 – Singer/Songwriter Tiki Black is rising through the ranks and leaving her fair share of impact on the musical world. With raw and enriching musical talents, Tiki Black will be releasing her new album, ‘The Sound of the Broken Wand’ early 2022. She has released “The Unscripted” as a single from the album and will be releasing “The Other Woman” and The Crown’s Crumbs” as singles.

Tiki Black’s second studio album consists of 9 tracks and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp. The artist holds nothing back and showcases her wonderfully unique vocal performances and beautifully written lyrics giving an emotional depth that listeners feel in their hearts and souls.

The lyrics speak to the listeners on a personal level and resonate with them in every possible way. Tiki Black understands the importance of living life with no regrets. She inspires her fans to enjoy the journey of life by letting go of anyone or anything that inhibits their growth and stepping into a brighter future.

The highly anticipated album, released on No Sugar Added Records, has been teased with the live performance of several tracks during tours around the UK, France and the Netherlands. The album was recorded in the Grammy Award-Winning Parr Street Studios in Liverpool with producer Russell Cottier. Heavily dominated by themes of Folk music and soft melodies, the album is a work of art that Tiki Black perfected and practiced to give fans a truly memorable experience.

With no filler on her new album, Tiki Black presents different flavors of separation. “The Unscripted” comes to terms with emancipation in an original and refreshing tone. The Dutch online magazine The Next Gig wrote that the song moved the audience to tears” when Tiki Black performed it live in the Netherlands. RadioAirplay.com describes it as “Lovingly crafted… wonderfully different, unique in tone and timbre”.”Release Me” deals with the internal struggle that precedes separation. “The Other Woman” is a Blues-infused folk song with a twist that explores and plays with the idea of the blame game. The haunting “A ghost of Me” is described as “sublime” in Liverpool Sound and Vision magazine. The title track, “The Sound of the Broken Wand”, plays a haunting melody aimed to break more than just a spell but its very source, the wands and shortcuts of instant gratification that hold us back from natural and positive growth, as does the whole album.

The album beautifully blends Tiki’s soft vocals with the work of producer Russell Cottier, allowing her signature voice to breathe in power and express itself freely and creatively.

Available now for pre-orders on Bandcamp, the album will soon be released on all major music streaming platforms around the world. The physical release is available in two package forms: as a digipack and as a book.

Check Out Tiki Black’s Official Website and Pre-order her album now and receive a bonus track free!


Currently based in Manchester, Tiki Black is a singer and songwriter with incredible expertise in the genres of Acoustic and Folk music. She is inspired by the musical genius of icons such as Frederic Chopin, Charles Aznavour, and Dolly Parton.

Her award-winning debut album ‘Out of The Black’ was followed by singles such as “Open Your Eyes” and “Listen”, which were released in 2012, and “Free Like Smoke”, which came out in 2014.

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