Tomorrow’s Hard Rock and Metal Sensation: Presenting to the World Ghostkid1997- Arrington

Melding and marrying hip and stunning Hard Rock music and Metal tunes with strong messages and vital lessons, Arrington promises to bring the retro back to the top as he produces music that is the best of both the genres

Dallas, TX – January 17th, 2021- Rising to the top of the charts and becoming a new force to be reckoned with in Hard Rock and Metal music, Arrington creates and produces music that is both motivational and inspiration and rings strong messages. Growing up on classic hard rock and metal, Arrington’s music pays homage to his legends and builds on the genre and style of music. His current main goal is growing his youtube channel “Ghostkid1997” by getting more subscribers.

Arrington’s first album is about his life and its lessons. To wade through life and its many diverse and confusing challenges is not an easy task, and Arrington produces music that is a much-relatable, burning and authentic message for the audiences. This message is evident on his fresh upcoming album titled “The Underdog”, a sequel to his last album titled “A Deal with God”.

A stunning powerhouse of talent and musical prowess, Arrington produces his music himself and writes and makes his tunes himself. However, he still prefers to not be a solo musician as he seamlessly plays the guitars and bass on his musical compositions.

Headlining with the titular name “Arrington” which is also the lead singer’s name, the band is set to soar and reach new heights in this genre. Named after Arrington, because all of the messages and song-writing work comes from him, the band is a stunning sensation which is rooted in the richness of the genre of Metal music, but also provides a blazing and booming sound to encapsulate the genre’s fast-paced sensational vibe. The band consists of 2 lead guitarists, 1 bass guitar, 1 rhythm guitar, and 1 drummer. Inspired by the likes of legendary musical composers and musicians such as Led Zeppelin, Metallica and others, Arrington is a powerhouse of Hard Rock and Metal music and a true force to be reckoned with.




Arrington Williams, the lead of the band “Arrington” is an up-and-coming talented musician, singer and song-writer for the band Arrington. He has been playing guitar for almost 6 years, but he only started making music recently in 2018. Arrington grew up mainly listening to Classic Hard Rock music and his music also pays homage to the same genre and its authentic roots. Rock N Roll was the first type of genre he was introduced to because when he was 8 years in 2005, there was a video game released called “Guitar Hero”. Arrington believes his music to be unique and different. Heard best with headphones because it is dotted with different transitions between the left and right ear, each of his stunning tracks and singles are mixed up in a unique way.



Name: Arrington Williams

Phone: (214)940-4518

Email: [email protected]