Tony T To Drop New Single Today!

Fayetteville, NC – February 14, 2021 – Passionate about his music, life, and the struggles that come with it, Tony T draws listeners in with his raw beats. His music strives to push the borders beyond entertainment; it works to create a connection with those listening to it.

Tony Torrino, better known as Tony T is an R&B and Hip Hop artist who writes from the heart, and sings with breathtaking intensity. In a saturated genre, Tony T’s music stands out with its sense of poetic urgency. Tony T is set to drop his single ‘Miss Me’ on February 14, 2021, under his record label, No Label Da Label LLC. As with all his music, Tony T displays an honesty in this track, which will be available to audiences on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. Citing DaBaby, Travis Porter and Young Thug as his major inspirations, Tony T looks forward to engaging his audience with the energy and realness that all his music brings.
“People tell me they feel my music personally,” says Tony T. “But I don’t just rap or make music about my own life; I try to look at life through other people’s eyes, so when they listen to my music, they feel a connection with it.”

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Tony T is as honest as they come and as real as they get. Having gone through the rigors of a tough life, Tony T unabashedly admits that he hasn’t come from much, but he is working hard to make sure he gains success though his music, so his family and children have all the simple pleasures of life he did not get to enjoy. His history is one of the many things that inform his music, but Tony T keeps his eyes, ears, and heart open to the universal experiences of the people he encounters, and stays focused on getting where he wants to next. Because he has seen life up, close, and personal, Tony T always tries to create from a place of relatability. “I try to make music that is relatable to everyone’s everyday life,” he says.

Always aiming to be better, Tony recognizes that he possesses a talent that he can share with the world. To do this he has embraced his musical skills fully and works to get better and better with each day. He is disciplined in his approach to his work, and clear-eyed about his goals. He hopes that he can continue creating the way he is without getting too swept away by what he calls, “the BS of the game.”
His main focus in life are his kids, whom he feels he owes the great debt of being the best possible version of himself.



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