Transcending Boundaries with Authentic and Compelling Soundscapes – Brown C. Debuts with Riveting Record “DRAGGA”

A unique musical odyssey, Brown C.’s stunning debut album displays the best of self-produced, self-recorded, self-arranged and self-written art
A unique musical odyssey, Brown C.’s stunning debut album displays the best of self-produced, self-recorded, self-arranged and self-written art

Oberbuchsiten, Solothurn, Switzerland —October 21st , 2023 – A skilled, independent artist, Brown C. hails from Switzerland and is taking the music scene by storm with the release of his debut album, “DRAGGA,” on October 14th, 2023. This stunning album stands as proof of the artist’s love and dedication to his music, and his unflinching commitment to curating an authentic and compelling sound that transcends boundaries.

“DRAGGA” is a masterpiece born from profound musical experiences, taking inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres, including Afrobeats, Afropop, Dancehall, Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Classical and Country. Presenting an eclectic blend of musical influences, “DRAGGA” stands apart from the conventional and exists beyond genres.

The bold and striking new record encapsulates 14 tracks that each possess an Afrobeat/Afropop/Dancehall vibe, reflecting Brown C.’s deep connection to his African and while infusing elements from numerous musical traditions. This fusion results in a timeless musical experience for every mood, whether you’re looking to chill or dance the night away.

The album’s birth was a journey of creativity and passion, an ode to the limitless power of music to defy categorization and embrace every facet of human emotion and expression.

Brown C.’s new album is an inimitable testament to his unwavering dedication to music, and reflects his deep connection to his African roots while embracing the beauty of diversity. His eclectic sound is a fusion of these various influences, creating a unique sonic experience that refuses to be confined to any single genre.

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Brown C.’s musical journey began several years ago when he joined a boy acapella group during his teenage years. This initial foray into music marked the beginning of an artistic exploration that would define his career. The group released an audio cassette album, laying the groundwork for Brown C.’s future musical endeavors.

Throughout his career, Brown C. has drawn inspiration from a diverse array of musical genres, including hip-hop, afrobeats, makossa, ndombolo, and other African and world music, in addition to dancehall, reggae, and Latin music. Brown C.’s solo journey as an artist began in 2012 with the release of his debut single, “Attention.” This release was accompanied by a captivating music video filmed in the vibrant city of Zürich, giving audiences a look of his talent and dedication to his craft.


Brown C.
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