Trigo Limpo Pays Homage To Rihanna With New Single 

Trigo Limpo Pays Homage To Rihanna With New Single 

“Rihanna” Available Now 


Windhoek, Namibia – June 26, 2020 – Music has a lot of powerhouses, but few are as revered around the world as Rihanna. The Barbados-born singer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur has been owning it since making her debut in 2005. Fans across the world have embraced her, and now Trigo Limpo is paying homage to all she is, all she does, and all she represents with their single “Rihanna,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

“Rihanna” is as fresh and enticing as the woman it is about. From the press of play, the undeniable ways of the music embrace while the lyrics dance in and out of listeners’ ears. All the while inspiring them to move their bodies in unimaginable ways to the dynamic music Trigo Limpo delivers throughout. A myriad of styles can be found on this track including Latin vibes, hints of reggaeton, salsa, and even hip hop. Top 40 and Urban stations would do nothing more than please with this track on their playlists.

Aizen a.k.a Green Eyez, Rui M, Jester Joker, and Mr. MB make up this Angolan/Portuguese band, and together they’ve been creating audible gifts for the world since 2014. A year after coming together they dropped their debut, ‘Trigo Limpo,’ and since then has released two more albums and dropped a handful of singles including “Rihanna.” They took home the Best Music Video Award in 2019 at the Angola Music Video Awards, and are excited to see what the future holds. Right now they are staying safe apart, but are utilizing technology to stay connected to create with their time at home. Once live music is deemed safe again, expect to see them on a stage near you. 

Those interested in adding new music to their playlists, featuring “Rihanna” on their site, or interviewing Trigo Limpo on their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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