Trilltypefella musical career

Memphis TN Shelby — Thursday, April 16th, 2020 — Trilltypefella aka Terrell Baker is an underground rapper that is from a small town in MS call Greenwood also known as the delta for its reach soil he started writing rhymes in 2005 but grew up listening to 2pac Biggie and host of other rappers as a teenager which inspired him to rap he also a part of rap group call Tightly Kin Playaz which he and a cousin Skip aka Kendrick Robinson started and went through bad label situation which split the group up but Trilltypefella being grinding doing shows and releasing mixtapes and also released two lp albums Trap Loyalty and Trap Loyalty2 his ambition is to get a huge following and be successful

Trilltypefella cares about each every fan that supports him and they can reach out to him on social media he will respond back and very down to earth

Trilltypefella has over 1900 monthly listeners on Spotify and 60k streams and trying to grow a larger fanbase and in the process of releasing Trap Loyalty 3

Trilltypefella is a very unique artist with a laid-back flow of some of the southernmost respected elites in the business

Trilltypefella need all the support he can get to successful so share his music with family and friends and support him

Apple Amazon iTunes has album Trap Loyalty and Trap Loyalty2 for download Trilltypefella appreciate every fan that supports him





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