Twicy Earny Delivers Afro-Beats With “Gimme Love” 

Twicy Earny Delivers Afro-Beats With “Gimme Love” 

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Atlanta, Georgia – April 24, 2020 – Only 25-years-old and Twicy Earny is already proving to be a hitmaker with international charm and grace with his latest single, “Gimme Love.” 

Produced by DCQ x KP, “Gimme Love” is the latest single from Ghana-born artist Twicy Earny. It has proven to be an indie smash with plays in his hometown of Accra, Ghana and many of stations globally, as well as in the clubs by DJs who knew right away the song was straight fire and needed to be heard. With his African roots in tow, Twicy Earny puts his Afro-pop spin on the track making it a lively experience for any and all who listen. Addicting and invigorating, “Gimme Love” is a force to be reckoned with, with west coast artist Reime Schemes giving his stamp of approval and calling it a “cool” track. 

Twicy Earny has been working towards his global stardom since he was a student at Edinaman High School in Ghana. Knowing music was the right career path, he put his best foot forward and it started to pay off as he was recognized as the Central Africa Artist of the Year in 2018, and has also been acknowledged for his dynamic song performances in France and Germany. Fans and critics alike across the board have appreciated the youthful essence he brings to his music and performances.  

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Twicy Earny is heating up the airwaves with his latest single “Gimme Love.” 

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