Trish Melek GOTA – Releases Beautiful Musical Beats That Make Audiences Groove to the VIBE: GOTA- Releases New Music That Lures In Listeners From All Corners of the Globe.

This consortium of music spreads a message of hope through a beautiful mix of enigmatic tunes and deep lyrics.

SEACLIFF, NY, US Minor Outlying Islands — Trish Melek is an exciting new up-and-coming musician who started as a background singer and dancer with a group called “Jay In Motion” and toured with some of the legendary freestyle artists like Coro, George Lamond, & Lisa Lisa (Freestyle). In the time when the world needed some positive vibes, GOTA teamed up with Grammy Award Winner Georgie Porgie from Music Plant Group and had another certified hit “ALRIGHT” which made the music charts globally. Since then, the eclectic star has been dutifully committed to composing music that speaks from her heart. The artist has been singing her heart out since she was a teenager and has not stopped since.

(GOTA) Girls On The Avenue was formed by Trish Melek in collaboration with Pamella Lee. This dynamic duo was brought together by a long-time friendship and the common love and devotion towards music. The singers believe that the real power of music lies in the feel-good tunes that it brings to listeners, transporting them far away from their current problems, subsumed in the energetic melodies.
Now, Trish Melek, embarking as a solo artist, has released two new singles- “What’s Going On…” and “A Perrial a la Pared both of which highlight different parts of the artist’s personality and interests. “What’s Going On… is a sultry, mellow, laid-back single by the artist that makes the audience feel warm and relaxed, especially in stressful times.  It’s the kind of song that you want to groove to with that special someone over a glass of wine, vibe with a couple of good friends, or just a great song you want to dance around to.
Contrastingly, A Perrial a la Pared is an energetic, upbeat single that makes the audience get up on their feet and dance it all out. The smooth and uplifting beats coupled with the amazing lyrics help create a happy and dance-filled atmosphere for everyone. The singer wishes to spread a little bit of cheer and happiness in a world marred with all sorts of anxieties.
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Trish Melek was born in Canarsie, Brooklyn on Flatlands Ave and Ave J, where all the girls would hang out “doing their thing” until the street lights went on and they had to head home. She was influenced at an early age by her uncle, who was an artist/performer and she would watch him on stage with a twinkle in her eyes. Her father sang to her since she was born. Growing up in a house where music and dance were their key entertainment.
Today, Trish is a brilliant beam of light and a fascinating musician who continues to awe audiences with her unique musical singles. Influenced by her work as GOTA, Trish is all set to use her musical experience to create a space where there is healing from the inside out. After her own experience of healing with natural medicines instead of traditional modalities, she has become even more certain of the power of healing that comes from within and nature. Stay tuned to the artist’s social media for music that will touch your heart and soul, leaving you pining for more!


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