Turning up the Groove with Striking New Rock n Roll Single – Off Orbit Unveils New Track “Sunset in the City”

Getting audiences moving to stirring beats and rhythms, Off Orbit’s newest drop is mellow, bold, and eclectic from start to end

Miami, fl —April 23rd, 2023 – A spectacular force in Rock n Roll, Off Orbit is a creation of dynamic brother duo Marc and Mo. The two eclectic artists have been producing and releasing music since 2011 and are currently marking a stunning resurgent return with new release- ‘Sunset in the City.’

The song, which is a beautiful and idyllic narrative of life in the city and the wonders which one breathes, experiences, and lives in the night is sure to sweep audiences. Artfully composed, smooth, and scintillating, ‘Sunset in the City’ illustrates the growth in production by the band and their effortless ability to immerse audiences in their music.

Marc and Mo have worked hard throughout the years to achieve an environment where they can both, create music using some of the industry’s leading equipment and maintain an affordable budget setting where they can take their time and carefully craft their music.

A compelling addition to an already admirable discography, ‘Sunset in the City’ also features artist Angel Merk, who joins the duo on drums. The striking new song was mixed and mastered at Orbita Muzic studios by Alex Cirilio.

‘Sunset in the City’ is an unbridled and expressive Rock song that packs both soulful melodies and a groove that will have any listeners bouncing. Armed with thought provoking lyrics and catchy hooks in the chorus, the track is simply one which will stay with you long after you’ve listened to it.

The magnetic single celebrates the end of a hard week and the beginning of the weekend. The world changes and transitions after dark, and “Sunset in the City’ reflects the exhilaration of breaking from the grip of society for a night or two and losing yourself in boundless freedom.

Off Orbit has been gaining attention from some independent magazines and blogs as their eclectic brand of Rock n Roll has gained traction. Recently, the artists were invited to play alongside The Winery Dogs, comprised of hall of fame musicians Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen in their sold out show.

Stream “Sunset in the City” and experience the brilliance of tomorrow’s leading Rock n Roll acts!



Off Orbit is a Rock n Roll band from Miami, Florida, founded and fronted by brothers Mo (vocals, bass, keys, harmonica) and Marc Oz (lead guitar). The brothers acquired a taste for Rock ‘n’ Roll and Alternative music while growing up in sunny South Florida. As soon as they could, they started jamming together and soon found themselves collaborating on different musical projects while interacting with the local music community. After a period of experimentation and configurations they honed the type of band that would meet all their musical ideals.

The diverse sound of Off Orbit can be categorized as melodic, energetic, and psychedelic music that is based on the roots of Rock, Metal and Blues. The mood and style of the music changes, depending which one of the more than fifty original songs in their catalog they play. However, their influences and compositions are much more than a genre. The band creates a diverse listening experience in their work and create groovy vibes with soulful vocals and melodic instrumentals laced with an authentic rock n roll energy.


Off Otbit
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