Twelve year old rock prodigy Ava Toton enthrals in latest EP release, Charm School Dropout

At only 12 years old, Ava is already shredding her guitar to inevitable stardom.

Oakland, CA — Ava Toton is an up and coming singer, guitarist and songwriter from Northern California, near Oakland. At only 12 years old, Ava is often referred to a music prodigy. Her second EP, Charm School Dropout, was released on February 22nd, 2022 – or Twosday as it was referred to on social media.

All of the music on Charm School Dropout was written by Ava and she co-wrote the lyrics. Her unique vocals shine, and Ava makes herself known in every song she sings by how masterfully she plays her guitar. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Light at ModernTone Studios in Lafayette, CA.

“Ava has a huge stage presence which we set out to capture in this EP. We set out to feature huge-sounding rhythm guitars, blazing-fast solos, and Ava’s energetic and angsty vocals front and center. To support that, we needed a hard-hitting rock drummer who could keep up with her and provide the kind of kick-ass loud drums we had in mind. We were lucky to have Gideon Berger (Useless ID, War Bison, Kill The Drive), one of the busiest session drummers in the Bay Area, come on board and play drums for us.

Listening to Charm School Dropout feels like a roller-coaster ride – exciting, fast, and unapologetic. The band is tight and aggressive while Ava’s singing drives the narrative. This is the perfect collection of songs for everyone who loves heavy music. Ava Toton is a juggernaut and it is only a matter of time before she becomes a household name”.

(Jacob Light, Charm School Dropout Producer)

What makes Ava Toton and her discography so unique is the fact that Ava unapologetically expresses herself in all of her music. It never occurs to the listener that the masterful artistry before them is from a such a young artist.

In what is already her second EP, Ava Toton has already become a huge inspiration for a rockers everywhere, young and old. She wants to show the world that rock and roll is far from being dead, and introduce this music to her generation. Ava came up with her first EP (A.V.A.) during the COVID-19 lockdown. Going stir-crazy, she passed the time writing her songs and recording demos. In the second year of COVID, she wrote the Charm School Dropout EP. After a 2 year hiatus from performing, Ava Toton is excited to perform again at live shows. She can’t wait to go on mini-tours this summer to promote her original music.

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When she’s not shredding her guitar and composing rock songs, Ava Toton is your average 7th grader. She was first introduced to music when she got a guitar for her 5th birthday. The rest is history. Her latest EP, Charm School Dropout, is available to be purchased and/or streamed on all music platforms.


Ava Toton
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