Two exiting new albums by the Screaming Pope released this April for streaming, downloads, and CD purchases

Boston, Massachusetts — The Screaming Pope has two new albums available for streaming, and download from most streaming sites. CDs are also available through Bandcamp

All kinds of music aficionados may appreciate the new Screaming Pope April releases. The albums are available on most streaming sites

Illustrate magazine said of the previous Screaming Pope album, “Overboard”, “The music throbs and pulses with electrifying energy and pushes you to the inner recesses of the mind”

The Screaming Pope is the latest project from George Bolton, who has been doing electronic music for over 40 years. He also does his own music videos and cover art and has worked professionally in music production, video production and graphic design

The Screaming Pope has two new albums released this April, “Milk Of Amnesia” and “The Value Of Priceless”. Both are available on most streaming sites

Look for the Screaming Pope April releases on your favorite streaming site, or download or purchase the CDs on Bandcamp




The Screaming Pope is Techno Music Veteran and Visual Artist George Bolton. He has been writing, producing and engineering music for over 40 years


The Screaming Pope
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