Tygerstrype Mix Electronic and Pop Ceaselessly

Tygerstrype Mix Electronic and Pop CeaselesslyIt seems that every few years electronic music comes to the forefront of popularity, and is no longer some underground thing for an indie band to play in a small club in Silverlake. While Tygerstrype is not the next Skrillex, they have made their own brand of electronic music that is infused with pop elements that call for it to be catchy and melodic at times. Their album Lackadaisical Daisy starts with what they are all about right out the gate with Somnambulent. Then they get a little 80s with Angelic Eyes, and make you second guess what Little Bro is about. If one was not looking at the title, they would assume the worst, but in the end it showcases that electronic music can have a humanistic base to it and not just be about a good time on the dance floor. The pop shines in MRKT Madness and title track, Lackadaisical Daisy, while the psychedelic side comes through in Malevolence. Commercially speaking, if Tygerstrype sent Charisma of the Sun out into the mainstream world, it would garner success. Lackadaisical Daisy is out now, so pick it up and also check out their other latest, Odessa (Caribou) because if you are into acts like Awe Fox and Oh Fortuna, then you will love Philadelphias Tygerstrype. (https://www.facebook.com/Tygerstrype)