Unbridled and Unique Fusions of R&B, Afrobeats and World Music: Dynamic Artist Lady Quizzy Releases New Single

With her engrossing new single titled “All Over”, Lady Quizzy is defying all odds and embracing her own uniqueness, as she immerses listeners in a whole different dimension. A stirring collaboration with artist Agbeshie, the new single is bound to make Lady Quizzy reach new heights.

Chicago, Illinois – July 25th ,2021  – An up-and-coming singer and song writer, Lady Quizzy is driven and dedicated to creating dynamic musical compositions that she loves, mixing Afrobeats,world music and R&B music. The inspiring young artist has made sure to gain a reputable platform already and is now looking forward to stunning listeners with the release of her single “All Over”. The new single, having released on July 16th, 2021, also features talented rapper from Ghana, Agbeshie (AgbeshieMusic on all social platforms).

The budding artist first made her appearance in the world of music by releasing an R&B single called “Blame” which resonated deeply with listeners, becoming a rich and relatable means. Praised for her sound originality and uniqueness, coupled with memorable vocals and empowering song writing, Lady Quizzy is now looking forward to continuing her musical journey, with “All Over”.

Charged with motivation, Lady Quizzy wishes to expand the horizon of her music and get her music to mainstream for all kind of listeners around the world.

“My motivation is my mum I wish to be the best she differed to raise me to be! I believe with hard work and dedication; the sky is just a starting point,” said the talented artist about her musical motivation.

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Up-and-coming R&B and Alternative sensation, Lady Quizzy, is a 16-year-old singer and artist. Before diving into the world of music, Jazmine Toudle, better known by her artistic name Lady Quizzy, was indulged in painting and drawing, which she loves dearly, realistically she is a multi talented young lady embedded with loads of  surprises, the world should watch out for her.

Always having an artistic mind, Lady Quizzy was guided by her creativity towards the path of crafting music within the genres that she is fond of. The eclectic artist grew up with her supporting mother and family, whom she counts as one of her driving inspirations to write and compose music. During her upbringing, Lady Quizzy’s mother and family made efforts to ensure that she differed from the rest and found her goal and passion at a young age. After releasing multiple hit singles by collaborating with others, Lady Quizzy’s confidence has greatly increased, and she hopes that her music reaches mainstream audiences, and that she can perform and share her talent with the entire world.



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