Unbridled and Unique Fusions of R&B and Alternative Music: Dynamic Artist Bethani Unveils New Album

Weaving together diverse and memorable musical styles, ranging from Pop Ballad, Latin Jazz, and New Age rhythms, talented artist Bethani is on the right route towards success, with release of her single “After the Rain”.

Waco, Texas – April 22nd ,2021 – Stunning listeners once again, while revitalizing the face of Pop and Jazz music, singer-songwriter Bethani is driven to inspire. An eclectic artist, Bethani is a true powerhouse when it comes to crafting original musical compositions, that exude a unique and distinct vocal brilliance, interspersed with the richness of Jazz rhythms.

Spinning magic with her rich and varied musical compositions, Bethani’s latest release, a stirring album titled “After the Rain”, showcases all that the seasoned artist stands for. A magnetic collaboration between the singer-songwriter and talented bassist and composer Dave Morgan, “After the Rain” exudes a refreshing and memorable vocal and musical prowess. Bound to become a favorite, the album also involves the creative energy of guitarist and producer, Mitch Watkins.

Having been produced in Austin, Texas, the new album includes a collection of 10 original songs, inspired from the vibrant life experiences of both Bethani and Dave Morgan, who cowrote some of the tunes as well. Penned down by Bethani and Dave Morgan, the singles offer an immersive and expressive take on the varied genres of music, covering a broad range of Pop and Jazz styles, including Pop ballad, Latin Jazz, New Age and smooth Jazz.

Showcasing her musical brilliance through a mix of styles, Bethani’s newest release builds onto her unbridled passion for music, in all its diverse styles and sensibilities. A talented artist, Bethani writes music because she loves the process of hearing words and music in her head, feeling inspired and writing, recording, and playing the songs for her listeners.

Visit Bethani’s official website at https:// bethanimusic.com, watch her videos and stream all her musical releases. Make sure to subscribe to the artist’s YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with all new releases, and feel free to reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




Bethani is an award-winning Austin based singer and song writer, who is motivated to follow her heart, expressing talents in the world of Jazz and Pop. A seasoned artist, Bethani has sung for Disney films before, and her stunning CD release, titled “Go Within” was voted Album of the Year by KUT Austin’s John Aielli. The new album, “After the Rain” features Bethani’s beautiful and sensory vocals, which can best be described as a ‘Joni Mitchell meets Barbra Streisand’. With the release of her new album, the artist is looking forward to once again mesmerizing listeners with the purity of her vocal genius.



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