Vessbroz (feat. Kyle Davis) – Nothing

Vessbroz (feat. Kyle Davis) – Nothing


The single “Nothing” from Vessbroz and singer/songwriter Kyle Davis is the first offering from their slated to soon be released album Lost. The first single finds their creative partnership in full flower as Davis’ extraordinary and exponentially growing talents as a vocalist and lyricist magnificently complement the EDM duo’s skill at crafting dramatic and atmospheric electronically driven soundscapes. Despite the song’s inclinations towards electronica, there’s some traditional instruments that make a big difference in the final result and the performance, as a whole, can never be accused of taking the path of least resistance. Instead, this is as power packed as EDM inspired fare has come in recent memory and the inspired level of energy sparking each of its elements to life makes it one of the more gripping listening experiences in this new year, It’s a powerful release in every way and certain to draw attention to this project and the performers involved.

“Nothing” opens with some synthesizer playing before percussion and acoustic guitar enter the picture. Kyle Davis’ voice soon joins them and that’s when the song truly comes out of its corner swinging. Davis goes after the thrilling vocal melody with a total sense of abandon, seemingly, but everything he does works and there’s not a single peep of difficulty coming from his performance. It’s what happens when you tailor a track to a vocalist’s capabilities and, in the case of Davis, his potential is nearly boundless. There are numerous touches of backing vocals entering the track, especially near the chorus and bridges, that prove he’s a five star singing talent and coupling that talent with what Vessbroz brings to the table makes for a potent combination. The acoustic guitar addition to the song is one of its definite highlights and it never sounds out of place despite showing off some lyrical and melodic intricacy.

The lyrical content doesn’t have the same bright bounce as the musical arrangement or vocal melody, but that contrast plays in the song’s favor and it never becomes unnecessarily difficult to hear. Davis is a remarkably mature writer. It’s that maturity combined with his natural youthful exuberance and the sheer lack of miles on his voice that contributes to the bright polish of talent he reflects. He has, as well, a key sense of proportion in his writing and never lays on more than either the listener or arrangement can bear. Davis is someone who is very much, despite any musical environment he inhabits, a member of the school who use their voice and the words they sing as an instrument every bit the equal of the others around them and his performance and message is an integral part of the song’s overall quality. “Nothing” is an intelligent and lively first single from Lost that will carry the careers of these young men to places they haven’t been before and beyond.


Raymond Burris