ViennaCC Drops Video For “Sunny Day” With Fans’ Help

New Single and Video Out Now from Tie Break


Vienna, Austria – July 29, 2019 Indie pop artist ViennaCC dropped his latest music video for “Sunny Day” off his 2019 release, Tie Break. What makes this video stand out from the rest is that it was made 100% possible thanks to fans who submitted their sunny-inspired moves from all over the world.

What could be better than a “Sunny Day” in right smack dab in the middle of the summer? An excellent pop song and video that celebrates such a thing, that’s what. ViennaCC has done just that with the latest single and video from his 2019 release, Tie Break. “Sunny Day” was penned just moments after the sun broke through after what seemed like an endless stream of rainy days.

ViennaCC notes that he swung open his window with a smile and proclaimed, “What a day! A sunny day” and within minutes had half the song ready to go. After his morning snack, he was off to the studio. Fast forward to the present and the video is just as jovial as that morning after the rain. Fans from Venezuela, Haiti, Ukraine, Canada, USA, France, Philippines and Austria all pitched in to make this clip possible and their happiness throughout only helps to drive the beautiful blend of the guitar, trumpet, and vocals utilized in this track.

Bringing a whimsical and positive tune to life, ViennaCC has created a perfect song for the summer months and even other seasons. When it starts to get gloomy come the end of September, one can just pop on “Sunny Day” and remember the better times.

“Sunny Day” is the latest single off ViennaCC’s Tie Break. Released in May 2019, Tie Break features 13 tracks overflowing with pop-infused, positive songs that utilize elements of garage and indie rock as well. Those interested in featuring “Sunny Day” on their playlist, the video on their site, or interviewing ViennaCC can reach out via the information provided below.

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ViennaCC is a Vienna-based producer and photographer who started out playing punk, hard rock, and ballroom music. Since 2008 ViennaCC has been producing his music and videos. To date, he has gotten nominated twice in Hollywood as a music producer and received awards and nominations at international film festivals in the music video category. Now he’s focusing on uplifting everyone this season and beyond with the latest single and music video from his 2019 release Tie Break, “Sunny Day.”

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