Vishnu Express Release Unique Musical Blend

Vishnu Express Release Unique Musical Blend

New Music Is An International Mix

Ankkurikylänkatu, Finland – September 11, 2020 – Experimental artist Vishnu Express is inviting listeners into a transcendent musical experience with the lease of his latest single. “Finnish House Of Afro Music” is an eclectic musical blend that will have music lovers talking.

“Finnish House Of Afro Music” has funky beats combined with the artist’s creative lyrics. Each of the five tracks contains an international flair from the Vishnu Express’ multi-cultural background. The songs will transport listeners to places around the world and put them in a heightened state of mind. Music lovers will need to head over to their favorite streaming platform and download the single today.

Vishnu Express is a Ghanaian afro reggae dancehall spoken word recording artist. Vishnu’s award-winning song “Trustworthy” topped the charts in 2012.  Vishny Express is an artist with multiple talents. He has run a unisex clothing line for years and started his record label VEMUnit. Vishnu Express’ mission is to share his creativity with the world, and allow others to express theirs.

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