WiD Deliver Harmonious Beauty With ‘Liquid Gold’ 

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Mondsee, Austria – April 23, 2020 – Christopher Widmoser compositions offer layers upon layers of audible serenity while Petra’s vocals are the icing on top of the structurally sound cake on the latest WiD album, ‘Liquid Gold.’ 

“Music sounds in my head. Music that can generate very deep emotions. Music that takes you into another world. Everything fits when we are in tune with our innermost.” – Christopher Widmoser

‘Liquid Gold’ features eight tracks that take listeners on a sonic journey. “Bells of LuoYang” welcomes listeners in with a warm embrace. Petra’s vocals doing nothing more than cradling the somber melody as Christopher’s arrangement steadily guides listeners to the next track. The title track, “Liquid Gold,” paints an image of Spring rain, while songs like “The River Within You” and “Madame Moureaux” continue to create gorgeous landscapes with sound throughout while inspiring with their poetic lyrics. 

“When we realize that everything is music, we understand the vibrational nature of the universe. Music is expansion and oneness. The self expands through music. So music can change our consciousness, provided it is music that comes from the heart and flows to the heart. Soulful music awakens and inspires our hearts immediately since it embodies the absolute highest.” – Christopher Widmoser

That attention to detail and the pristine nature of WiD’s music comes from Christopher Widmoser’s 37 years in the music industry. He went from having those teenage dreams of being on stage, to heading out in the ‘80s with Barbara Dennerlein. He toured the world playing guitar for her and now is focused on creating music in WiD. 

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WiD brings sonic atmospheres to life with ‘Liquid Gold.’ 

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