“You Can’t Talk As Much Shit As Me” by Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk has one heck of a bold statement to make right now, and in his new music video and single “You Can’t Talk As Much Shit As Me,” he’s going to deliver it unto us without any sort of filtration to come between the mood of the material and the audience he seeks to share it with. There’s been a lot of processed sound coming down the pipes in hip-hop recently, both good and bad the same, but in tribute to the wholly organic roots most of rap’s greatest icons were raised on, “You Can’t Talk As Much Shit As Me” feels both retro and endearing through a relentlessly simplistic framework I want to hear more of this month. 

WEBSITE: https://www.thenickhawk.com/

The music video is stripped of any and all unnecessary props as to leave us with only the raw charisma of Hawk’s performance and the energy of the song on its own, which despite sounding a little barebones in comparison to what a lot of hip-hop videos are sporting this March is truly rather refreshing to come across as a critic. I don’t get the feeling this guy is trying to flex or merely recycle a point someone else has made with slightly different prose; there’s too much of an unguarded aesthetic to the presentation here for any sell-out to use the template successfully, which makes anyone copying the soul of “You Can’t Talk As Much Shit As Me” highly unlikely. 

Rap rarely comes packaged with the kind of surgical precision from both talent and producers that this single enjoys, and if you’re as much of a fan of the genre as I am, you’re going to immediately appreciate what Nick Hawk has done here. This is a player who clearly knows a thing or two about how to make incredible hip-hop, and if you don’t believe me for yourself, I’d recommend taking a peek at “You Can’t Talk As Much Shit As Me” immediately. 

Zachary Rush