7 Songs, 7 Genres, Made in 7 Days.

New York, NY — Friday, April 24th, 2020 — Albums usually contain one type of music within them, not this one. “QIDIVOC!” by ArnagNog, is filled with a diverse selection of sounds, meant to aid in the discovery of new genres. After his first single “LIFTED”, ArnagNog took time off to improve his skills and expand his understanding of different genres. With this new-found knowledge, “QIDIVOC!” was created.

The process of producing music can take months or even years. ArnagNog took a different approach. Within one week, he has created seven songs that each fit into their respective genres, whether it is Electronic Dance or Rap. Acting as a gourmet sample platter of sound, this project has something for everybody. Once they find their liking, they are surrounded with more sounds to expand their arsenal of taste. It is called “QIDIVOC!” and is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and everywhere else music can be streamed.

One listener; Jordan Becker, said, “While I may not understand some of the styles, I appreciate the diversity and creativity, I have dipped into genres I never thought I ever would have”.

ArnagNog himself states that ” I too haven’t dived deep into some of the genres in the project, but this is a great place for me to start expanding my arsenal of music”.

With stressful times, ArnagNog was fueled to create something that people can enjoy while being mindlessly stuck indoors. Giving himself an opportunity to expand his skill set, while comforting others with sound.

ArnagNog is a new artist, just now diving into the community of producers. His main goal is to be able to create sounds that can adapt to any artist and genre. “If an artist thinks they can keep doing the same thing over and over, and continue to grow, they are mistaken”, ArnagNog believes.

The new album “QIDIVOC!”, by ArnagNog is an exhilarating journey throughout the different sectors of the music universe. While eliminating all of the boundaries of music, this seven-song genre is a great way to expand your musical palette, while still enjoying what you know and love.

Stream “QIDIVOC!” on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and everywhere else music is streamed. Follow ArnagNog on Instagram here:






ArnagNog is an artist/producer originally from New Jersey. He has no specific genre, his goal is to break the boundaries of the different sectors of the musical world.



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