A new and emerging name in the world of Pop: This is Freya Kennafr

Crafting compelling tunes and staying true to herself as an artist, Freya Kennafr is a young and rising Pop singer who wishes to add a spiritual touch to her musical compositions.

Brooklet, Georgia – June 16th, 2021 – young and budding artist Freya Kennafr is a relatively new addition to the world of Pop. Breaking out as a singer and songwriter in the year of 2019, Freya is set to make a name for herself in the music industry, especially in the genre of Pop. Her latest single titled “Set Me Free” was released on December 18th, 2020 along with a music video. With a number of new songs lined up to be released, Freya Kennafr is looking forward to exhibit her incredible skills as a music artist for music lovers to see and appreciate.

Freya Kennafr is just breaking out as a public artist throughout the world. She debuted in the year 2019 with her debut single titled “Twisted”. The song was a blend between Anthemic Alternate-pop and a little bit of Goth Rock. By taking a close look at her early works since her debut, it can be seen that she was experimenting with her sound and trying out all sorts of musical styles while also keeping her main focus on the genre of Pop. The approach she took with her music in the start was very chameleonic as she tried to borrow certain musical elements from a few sonic styles. She even incorporated electronic elements, desperately looking to find a perfect balance she would be satisfied with.

Her latest single “Set Me Free” released at the very end of 2020 has managed to garner almost 60k views on YouTube. This is the highest number of views out of all her music videos released so far. One can say that in all this time since her debut, Freya Kennafr managed to find the musical balance she was looking for as an artist and was successful in finding her musical direction. With back to back singles such as “Crumbling Down”, “Mind Games”, and “Why”, it can be concluded that Freya’s musical capabilities are nothing to be joked about. She has some serious talents – from songwriting to singing, she has got it all. She has a very unique sense of music which makes her stand out as an artist. Her creative individuality shines through her music as well as her morals and beliefs. She has firm beliefs in God, love, altruism, and one’s happiness. Her beliefs in God and Paganism go hand in hand with the beliefs of the Western society. The contrasts in her personality from passion, love, and hatred help her in staying real to herself.

Freya Kennafr describes her music as relatable and soothing. She wishes to continue her musical journey and strengthen even more as a Pop artist. Her goal is to not be number 1, but to be known and admired for her talents.





Singer and songwriter Freya Kennafr is a brand new addition to the world of Pop. She debuted in 2019, and since then she has been successful in finding her sound and putting out music she’s passionate about.
Hailing from the state of Georgia, the budding artist has worked on a lot of songs up until now. She collaborated with Tleak on a single titled “Why”. She has a bunch of singles lined up to be released in the future including “Delusional” and “Believe”. Her second album titled ‘Electronic Mania’ is also set to be released in the future with a number of diverse songs. Freya Kennafr has worked on all these singles and albums all by herself, and is well on her way to take over the world of Pop in the coming years.



Name: Freya Kennafr
Email: [email protected]



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