Famously known as the original Caribbean Reggae artist and band: Presenting to the world Mighty Iceberg

Through its originality and creativity, Mighty Iceberg has brought in a breath of fresh air in the music scene and is all set to take over the Reggae world with a storm.

Rialto, California – June 16th, 2021 – the emerging band Mighty Iceberg is one of a kind in the genres of Reggae and Soca. With the release of their single titled “Share the Same Love”, Mighty Iceberg brought about a massive wave of music in the Caribbean region and are working further to showcase their level of understanding and passion for music as a band.

Originally from the country of Belize, Steven Mystery – the founder of Mighty Iceberg, came all the way to the urban city of Los Angeles, making his journey possible through music. The distance from Central American jungles to the city of LA is not a short one to cover, but Steven was driven by his love and passion for music. He created a band along his musical journey named Mighty Iceberg, and together the band worked its way to becoming one of the most recognized acts in the Reggae genre. Although currently based in LA, the music produced by the band has hints from music style of the Caribbean region. Deeply enriched by the enlivening and refreshing melodies, the single “Share the Same Love” is dominated by rich beats, relaxing tunes, and mellow vocals. The musical direction taken with the song perfectly depicts the roots of the band being originated from the Caribbean Islands. The craft with which Mighty Iceberg has incorporated its Caribbean music style into various themes of reggae genre is immaculate and showcases artistic individuality as it is something not regularly seen by bands.

Other singles include “Things Must Change”, The Mighty Iceberg with Steven Mystery”, and “Material Thing”. All the songs released by the band are a testimony to the mitigating powers of reggae, with upbeat tunes, heavenly bass riffs, rolling drums, and compelling guitars. They are also fond of adding unexpected touches such as saxophones appearing in some songs, blaring rock guitars, or ascending strings occasionally.

Releasing a few hits so far, Mighty Iceberg looks forward to continuing its musical journey as a band and growing in all aspects while motivating fellow acts along the way. Crafting music with an individual artistic touch and creativity, Mighty Iceberg is all set to become the next big act in the world of Reggae.





Experienced band Mighty Iceberg is known as the original reggae band from the Caribbean region. Majorly inspired by the industry legends such as Bob Marley, J Miller, and L. Dube, the up-and-coming band is looking forward to bring about a revolution in the music world especially in reggae.

Rooting from the country of Belize, the founder Steven Mystery came all the way to California with his band Mighty Iceberg. Currently, there are 7 members in the band. There are 4 lead vocalists namely, Stephen Smith, Acura, Gana S, and Delly Massive. Delly Massive also plays the drums for the band. On the guitars, Mighty Iceberg has C.

Mcgregor JR and Carlton B. Keyboard is played by Stephen Smith and C. Mcgregor. For the percussion, the band has D Massive. Bass is played by Carl Mcgregor and the saxophone is played by King Mcjelly Mcgregor. The music style is heavily Caribbean based along with a few elements adapted during the bands travels.



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