A Song in Support of Ukraine

Boston, MA — International Opera Singer Natalja Sticco is sharing her voice and music to send a message of unity with Ukrainian Soldiers. Since March 1st, Natalja is donating all streaming and download revenue from her 2020 single, “Requiem for a Soldier (Theme to the HBO Series Band of Brothers)” to TAPS International, which is aiding families of deceased military service members in Ukraine and across the globe.

A native of Riga, Latvia, Natalja was born under the USSR. In 2018 she immigrated to the United States after marrying a US Air Force Veteran and now lives in the Greater Boston area.

She released “Requiem for a Soldier” as a tribute to the generations of soldiers (including her husband and great grandfathers who were both killed-in-action during WWII while serving in the Russian Army and fighting alongside American Soldiers). Natalja says, “It’s a message to all soldiers that you may not see the results of what you’ve done, but it will change the life of a little girl you’ll never know. It’s because of all of them I enjoy the life I have, and now all Soldiers in Ukraine are part of this brotherhood. They will sacrifice so others will know freedom.”

Since its release Natalja has donated the proceeds from the singles to various veterans organizations in the US. Her mission now is to use that streaming revenue to donate to Ukrainians in need, spreading the message of unity between nations and their soldiers once again, and to rally the music industry to share in her efforts.

“Having been born in the USSR and seeing Russia’s aggression, my heart breaks for Ukraine and fears for my own homeland.” Natalja feels the pain on all sides of this war. “My son’s step-family and half-brother are Ukrainian, I have many close friends who are Ukrainian. I am ethnically Russian and have family in Russia, friends and colleagues in Russia, none of who support this and are stuck there and in fear. My stepson is a US Army Officer currently assigned to an Embassy bordering Ukraine.” Everywhere she looks Natalja sees people in need of support, “it’s overwhelming.” She says. “We’ve always used music as a tool to spread messages of hope and support and I want to do the same with this song.”

To stream “Requiem for a Soldier” visit Natalja’s website at www.NataljaSticco.com or search for it by name on your favorite streaming service. All proceeds from streams and downloads will be donated to organizations that help meet the needs of Ukrainian families and soldiers.




Natalja Sticco (Černohajeva) is a Latvian mezzo-soprano. She started her singing career as a Young Artist and member of the chorus with Latvian National Opera from 2009 to 2017. In 2018 Sticco immigrated to the United States where she became a soloist, recording artist and concert performer. Learn more at www.NataljaSticco.com.



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