Alluding To The Golden Age of R&B – Veteran Artist Byrd Pressley Enthrals in Latest Release

Bewitched by the infectious aura of R&B music, Byrd Pressley continues making smooth, timeless music.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pennsylvania — When it comes to music that is feel good, but also groovy and rhythmic, there is no artist in the music industry today who does it as effortlessly as Byrd Pressley, who has been involved with creating bold R&B rhythms for well over 50 years. Byrd Pressley is a singer/entertainer, host and DJ. He performs various styles of music ranging from R&B and Pop music, to Country and Blues. His latest project is another phase in an artistically unique and lyrically diverse musical career.

Khalil Lundy, of the legendary Force Mds, had seen Byrd Pressley perform everywhere, and was excited when Byrd courageously asked him to help find and produce a song for him to record. Khalil reached out to the strong writing duo – husband and wife Darryl Godfrey and Nuwrah el Wassi, who rose to the occasion and sent him a song entitled ‘Feeling Your Love’. The rest, as they say, is history.

What makes Byrd Pressley as an artist unique is his ingenuity with his lyrics. He is a storyteller unlike any other in the industry, and his latest single is proof of the vivid pictures he is able to create in his audience’s mind using just poetic devices and thematic undertones. Byrd aspires to keep touring and making more and more music for his fans. Being a veteran artist, Byrd was fortunate enough to make a living performing and booking acts while never ever compromising on his dream of being an artist that the world not only recognises, but flocks to listen. Byrd is currently in rehearsal preparing a DVD, of excerpts from his latest show series, “The Soulful Voices of R&B”. His intention is to present the DVD to managers and agents. The first artist focus, is the soulful sound of Luther Vandross. Byrd looks forward to performing the show at venues locally and nationally.

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Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Byrd traveled the world with The New Century Platters. Later, he formed his own band and secured management with Cissy Houston’s management company, Personal Touch Management. He had several songs released in Europe that hit the UK charts.After touring in Europe, Byrd came to Caesars Pocono Resorts. In 1996 he was promoted to Entertainment Manager for Caesars. He performs at Caesars regularly with The Byrd Pressley Band.

Whether it’s performing, hosting events, hosting his own radio show, or DJ-ing, Byrd is continuously evolving. His latest show, “The Soulful Voices of R and B” is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Byrd says, “The show will recall wonderful memories for mature audiences, and introduce classic Soul singers to a new generation”. Byrd believes in the power of music. No one conveys the power of music better, than Byrd Pressley.


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