Artists Zuri Yahweh & Via Eaerie Now Available On Anchor, Jango, and Other Live Steaming Platforms

Empowering and wholesome music made by two talented women!

Atlanta, Georgia – March 19th, 2021 – What is better than empowering music? Empowering music made by women! The two artists Zuri Yahweh & Via Eaerie, are now out with their music on all major music streaming platforms. The two women have a lot to sing about and have done a great job of expressing in the genres of New Age, R&B, and Soul. Energetic but chill, inspiring but catchy, the duo makes compositions ideal to be enjoyed by all types of audiences.

Zuri Yahweh & Via Eaerie have been influenced by Patchwerk LLC, Hoodrich T.H.W, Jidenna, Russ, Aaliyah, Brent Faiyaz, and many more. Tying various influences, the two women have developed beautiful and enjoyable music, which is an absolute delight to the ears.

Powerful and vocal about social issues, the artists have based their music’s lyrical content on being highly pragmatic, purposeful, and motivating. They are driven towards bringing change through their music and welcome readers to experience their art. They also wish to re-brand the visual for female artists who enjoy music through their unique style and the resulting work.

Zuri Yahweh & Via Eaerie have a special message for their fans. They believe that no one can tell us what they can and cannot do. It is up to us entirely to determine, and we must never forget that. They staunchly believe in following one’s path and being unapologetic and bold about it and recommend their readers the same.

For information on Zuri Yahweh & Via Eaerie’s music, please visit their website by clicking here. Readers can also access the artists’ podcast on racial inequality by clicking this link.






Zuri Yahweh & Via Eaerie have been writing music since the tender age of seven. These women have been aware of their passion since a young age and have prepared for this lifestyle since childhood. Their motto is to aspire, to inspire before they expire – a motto they live by every day!




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