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Not your average musician

Toledo, OH — Friday, April 17th, 2020 — International musician Jleeb has been known for unorthodox styles in hip hop, R&B, and soul; with jazz and funk influences. His style is an unmatched one that took many by storm in 2004 with his debut independent project, “Play No Games”.

Since then he has released 16 full-length projects including, “WABK Hot Hour Compilation”, “Soft and Warm”, Jeron’s Journal The Series (Vol 1-4), and more. He has been featured on many Coast-to-Coast Mixtape Tour projects and Shows and has his own tour promotion company that has produced several independent artist showcases. He has a hand in managing some of the artists on his label that is currently in development deals. He has ghostwritten for several major R&B artists and is currently growing his new film production company that will focus on documentaries, movies, and music videos.

Along with his label, he also opened a d

Canadian teen singer/actor David Raynolds released a brand new single IONIZE

Vancouver, Canada — Monday, April 20th, 2020 — This is a time of uncertainty for many artists and musicians out there, but this isn’t stopping talented creatives from putting out new quality music. This is the case for artist David Raynolds, who is back on the scene with a stunning new single, Ionize.

What makes this song special is the fact that the production is very good, and the elements in the project are very balanced, creating a perfect equilibrium, with just the right bias of technical excellence and performance essence. The first thing you’ll notice is certainly the high quality of this production, in terms of sonic aesthetics. This is the quintessential EDM track, but there is also a nice Dancehall vibe, with a different groove to it. The instrumental mix is balanced and direct, with a really deep low end and a crunchy mid-range that adds a lot of excitement to the track. In addition to that, the treble range is smooth and bright, adding a l

Upcoming Hip Hop Artist ShawndonSg Releases a New Song All Night

New York, NY, — Saturday, April 18th, 2020 — Upcoming artist and songwriter ShawndonSg is pleased to announce the release of his new single titled “All Night”. Hip hop has always been very forthright and detailed in its outlook, which has presented to the world some of the culturally rich song streams.

ShawndonSg has rightly captured the spirit of hip hop in the backdrop of compatible musical growth and making songs, which typify cultural formulation in the perfect note of audience acceptance. His newly released song is a lyrical mixture presented together with dynamic rhythmic patterns as well as a thematic hint of extravagant living, which he emphasizes with the finely of his clever poetry. As he records with an uninhibited aura in “All Night”, his creative range of musical insights becomes all the more profoundly expressed and spelled. Follow ShawndonSg’s work on, Instagram, Facebook, Apple Music, Spotify, and more.

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Olathe, Kansas – April 30, 2020 –

Willie Charles Lang Jr. Drops New Single “Shouldn’t Take A Lifetime” 

New Soul Music Available Now 


La Mesa, California – April 30, 2020 – Everyone has had to overcome something in their life. From the smallest of battles to those that leave some overwhelmed, it’s human to struggle. Willie Charles Lang Jr. realized that and put that senti