Celebrating Black Resilience and Inspiring Change with Classical and Experimental Music: Introducing Film/ Media Composer Joyce Oh

Berklee Film Scoring graduate and rising composer Joyce Oh is driven to use the power of enriching musical compositions, to empower compelling narratives, while igniting social change, with her scoring for film “Unlike Any Other”.

Cambridge, Massachusetts – June 25th, 2021 – Sending waves in the rich and varied musical world of Classical and Experimental genres, rising composer Joyce Oh, is driven to craft a position for herself, with each stirring musical scoring. Exploring critical themes of cultural appropriation and representation, the talented powerhouse covers and scores a social-issue film, “Unlike Any Other”, rooted within issues of pride, loss, identity, and evolution.

Imbuing her music with her own unique experiences, Joyce Oh represents a sheer brilliance in Experimental scoring, crafting each musical score with intricate precision. Incorporating dynamic and sensory traditional elements within her musical compositions, the eclectic composer pays homage to her rich cultural background. Confronting the tensions between cross-cultural interactions through focus on the regressive obsession with Black culture, the film sheds light upon the uniqueness which is singular to Black culture.

Celebrating Blackness, Black womanhood, and Black resiliency through her immersive musical scorings, Joyce Oh hopes that her compositions will not only enthrall listeners with captivating and powerful stories, but also ignite the flames of change within the world.

Currently working as a composer for a startup company, Raging Cloud Studios, which provides custom library music for film, TV, and other forms of media, Joyce aims to collaborate with other filmmakers to breathe life into film scores and music compositions.

Check out Joyce Oh’s work on her website, and follow her on social media to remain abreast with each new composition. For film compositions, collaborations, interviews, reviews and/or other business inquires, feel free to contact her through email.




Joyce Oh Yong Yue is a powerful and rising new face in Classical and Experimental music, focusing on film scoring. As a child, she loved playing the piano, and later went on to learn the violin and Gu Zheng, a specialized traditional Chinese music instrument. At 16, Joyce discovered the art of film music, and following a scholarship award from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she left home to pursue her dreams in film scoring. A graduate of the celebrated institute, Joyce did a Major in Film Scoring and a minor in Music Production and Engineering, growing into a seasoned composer.

Hailing from the multi-racial and multi-cultural state of Malaysia, Joyce Oh has continued to evolve, experiment, and grow her talents. A film and media composer, arranger, pianist, and orchestrator, Joyce has worked with award-winning composers, both in Los Angeles and Malaysia, and has also had experience touring with the Berklee Silent Film Orchestra. Having graduated, Joyce is eyeing her latest project-a short film by fellow director from Emerson College, Lashea Johnson, informed by the Black Lives Matter movement.



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