Coming Out With Season 5 of VocalMatch: Introducing to the World Vincent Lloyd Thompson

Through his immaculate talents in the field of music, artist Vincent Lloyd Thompson has made quite a name for himself and is ready to help other passionate individuals in achieving their dreams

Bloomfield, Connecticut – August 7th, 2021 – Rising artist Vincent Lloyd Thompson is a singer and songwriter with considerable experience in the scene of music, possessing especial expertise in the genres of RnB and Pop. The artist is coming out with season 5 of his show called VocalMatch, all set to release on October 22nd, 2021. With the release of the show, Vincent Lloyd is hoping for young acts to get the exposure they’re looking for.

The artist is striving towards providing a platform to young and emerging artists in order to showcase their musical skills in front of the world. The music show consists of several episodes, making an entire season filled with exciting performances and competitions. The pilot episode will air on October 22nd, 2021, which will reveal the centerstage song for episode 2. The general public watching the show will have complete access to the music and lyrics of the centerstage song via the official website of VocalMatch. This is where it gets interesting: Viewers watching at home can enter the Red Phone Challenge and get a chance to compete with onstage contestants. To take part in the competition, singers will have to make the best video rendition of the centerstage song and upload it to the website. The judges of the show will then check out all the renditions according to their years of experience and exposure. After mutual agreement and thorough evaluation, the judges will select one rendition that they think has the potential to steal the show during the second episode.

While the show has been launched to specifically provide young singers and songwriters with an opportunity to come out and display their talent in front of the whole world, general public can also take advantage by consuming free entertainment and just having a good time in general. That’s what makes VocalMatch such a unique show as it doesn’t only bring singers and songwriters together, but it also gets the general public to participate and try out something new.

Vincent Lloyd Thompson has done a lot for the growth and prosperity of the music industry so far by providing such a stage for hidden talents to come out on the surface. He’s looking forward to continuing his works and doing anything he can to help the industry grow.

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Singer and Songwriter Vincent Lloyd Thompson is an extremely experienced Pop and RnB musician from Connecticut. With the release of season 5 of his show VocalMatch in October, 2021, the artist is striving towards achieving his goal of getting everyone to watch the show, regardless of being a singer or not.
There are three judges on the show including Kristen Huffman, Paul Bogaev, and Tiffany T’zelle. All three of them are incredibly experienced artists, having done quite a lot of work for the industry.



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