Don Tocabajo Is Back With A New EP

“Signs” By Don Tocabajo Releasing March 15!

Heidelberg, Baden – Wuerttemberg, Germany – Music is nothing without passion. The best bands created music that they were incredibly passionate about. If there’s anything this award-winning artist has, it is passion.

Don Tocabajo is an artist that is redefining genres and music. His ideas for music are unlike what has been thought about in the industry before. The artist doesn’t conform to a single pre-fixed genre and has completely unique thoughts about the kind of sounds that work best.

Each song from the artist exposes the listener to exotic sounds and music they would’ve never expected. Apart from the music itself, the content of the songs is always heavy with intent. Don makes the music resonate with listeners, whether it’s a message about the mundane, joys or intolerance.

The music Don releases have never been about a singular use. Whether it is a videogame, film, or advertisement, Don can use his music to create an emotion that had previously not existed. The instrumental oriental rock fits any screen, big or small. It isn’t just his fans saying so, but several national and international committees.

Don Tocabajo has a new EP all set to be released on March 15, 2021. The album, ‘Signs,’ contains six tracks talking about major social issues, bringing light to the problems that need solutions. The song “Gracias Por” may not be about a social issue, but it does involve fixing helping the world, with one thank you at a time.

The new EP, ‘Signs,’ is out on March 15, 2021. It is available on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to also check out the Youtube channel in the meantime for more of Don’s work. The official website has more information about the artist and any upcoming events!





Don Tocabajo is an unconventional musician who prides himself on creating exotic, unique, and versatile music. With a heavy 90s influence, Don discovered diversity in music as he traveled around the world. His music has so far won multiple awards and continues to be appreciated by peers and critics alike.



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