Hypnotizing with a Maximal Classic: Payper Chase’s New Album Booms with a Newfound Spin on Blues, Hip Hop and Rap

‘Conspiracy’ is a mixtape evolved by hit maker DJ hoodrichkeem’ s collaborative hand and showcases the artist’s precise delivery and compelling hooks

Atlanta, Georgia — Payper Chase’s freshly produced record, ‘Conspiracy’ is a mixtape studded with chronicles of the artist’s life. The artist goes on his most crafty record to lay bare his ever-impactful and ever-complicated relationship with label Rod wave, creating a diamond sharp sound to fold his record with.

The rapper’s razor-sharp vocal delivery is certainly one of the most enigmatic moments on the mixtape. The atmosphere created through the heart thumping and fluorescent production additionally laments the album to an addicting, replay worthy experience. The blues and hip hop rapper, with his distinct spitting of bars and everlasting fiery elements flowing through and through the album, molds himself as a standout artist when compared to his contemporaries.

Not sticking to one but three genres (blues, hip hop and rap) in this mixtape, the artist writes to guide his followers to the end of the tunnel. He paints an ultra-polished blues and hip hop floor when rapping from his past melancholies.

Undeniably, the artist inches towards something brighter in his career with this project. For Payper Chase, it is about spreading a message, the spirit to carry forward and not be brought down by exploitative institutions or supposedly powerful enemies.

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Payper Chase is a rapper inspired by Hip Hop and Blues from Jamaica. At an incredibly young age of 8, the talented artist came to Florida. His socio-economic circumstances at the time were not the most fruitful. He did not grow up living a wealthy life but rather had to pave out his way independently without the safety net of money.

Growing up, he listened to a lot of music and wishes to make people reach their own selves. The artist, inspired by Bob Marley, Lil Wayne, Nas, Jay Z and more, strives for connection through his music. For this reason, he has started a label to help younger artists have an adult like him as a companion to further his cause.


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Name: Payper Chase
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