Inspiring Positivity with Unique Rap and Hip-Hop Music: Rising Artist A Very Real Baby Set to Soar with New Single

Aiming to release new albums and singles in the future, talented Hip Hop artist A Very Real Baby is set to enthrall listeners with his skilled ability to write original music, having released a rich and dynamic debut single “My Name”.

Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands  – August 7th, 2021 – A singer-songwriter who is driven to mark his breakthrough into the world of music, A Very Real Baby is a true powerhouse, when it comes to Rap and Hip Hop. Unveiling his first single to the world, the artist hopes to spread contentment and positivity, through his unique and memorable lyrical brilliance.

Having released on May 28th, 2021, the new single, titled “My Name” has been independently written by A Very Real Baby, complemented by musical composition by Aliaksandr Yakauleu. Penning down words which exude a cheerful and optimistic vibe, the dynamic artist promises a melodic composition, which is both lyrically and musically fantastic.

The dynamic artist has already worked on his upcoming album ‘Rock Star Album’, which is set to drop this year with 6 original tracks. A Very Real Baby’s latest single offers just one flavor of all that the artist has to offer, prefacing his album with an introduction- “My Name”.

“My music is unique because of my punchline flow applied to my lyrics which I crafted into my songwriting skills. My motivation is to release good music that music lovers enjoy, and to be the favorite artist for many music fans around the world,” says A Very Real Baby regarding his music.

Listen to ‘My Name‘ and look out for more new songs from Hip Hop’s favorite new artist, ‘A Very Real Baby’. Visit his website to stream and buy the artist’s music, follow him on social media for updates, and contact him through email for interviews and reviews.




Avery Felicien, better known by his artistic identity, ‘A Very Real Baby’ was born in the Caribbean on an island named “Virgin Gorda”, in the stunning setting of the British Virgin Islands. At the young age of 7, A Very Real Baby was taken by a passion to pursue music as a career, after noticing that he loved singing music.

Growing up, the artist performed local at live shows doing “cover songs” from the Hip-hop group named ‘Kriss Kross’, who were also one of his first favorite artists. However, the artist formally got into pursuing music, when he was 19, after writing down the lyrics to his first song. This was followed by the release of his first stuio recorded HipHop album with 7 singles, at the age of 23.

Currently, A Very Real Baby is engrossed in the craft of his first official music album, which he also aims to drop in 2021, following his song writing passion.



Name: A Very Real Baby
Email Address: [email protected]