Narrating the Story of 7Teen Summers with Chicago’s Own Hip Hop Artist: Big Bounce Set to Unveil New Album

Imbuing his original musical compositions with a layer of honesty, vulnerability and pain, eclectic artist Big Bounce aims to foster relatability with authentic Hip Hop music, recounting lived realities, through the release of his upcoming album.

Chicago, Illinois – August 7th, 2021 – Breaking into the magnetic and inspirational world of Hip Hop, with a string of rich, raw, and soulful musical compositions, eclectic artist Big Bounce is set to stun listeners. An original mix, the artist’s newest album showcases a versatile musical brilliance, featured by a small group of friends and sound engineer Aidan-Sigel Bruse at Soundscape recordings.

Dominated by sensory lyricism and captivating rhythms, the new album is bound to make listeners feel both positively inspired and entertained by the engrossing Hip Hop compositions. Creatively inspired to craft compositions that make listeners eager about what’s next when they hear his music, BIG BOUNCE aims to fortify himself as a driving contributor to the Hip Hop genre, with an original and authentic spirit.

“My music is unique because it all revolves around story telling in today’s [format], and the past format at its best. My music leaves fans with words and quotes to live by,” says Big Bounce regarding his musical compositions.

Aiming to traverse his musical voyage driven by sheer talent, Big Bounce’s future plan is to build on to his independent career and one day start a partnership with a major label. Standing out in the Rap and Hip-Hop genre, the talented Chicago rapper has continually grown in the 12 months with his music, evolving styles and sensibilities.

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A rising talent in Hip Hop, Big Bounce grew up on the west side of Chicago, moving around in the Austin Area. Being raised in a family of five kids, where the music never stopped playing, Big Bounce acquired a taste for Jazz from his father. After marking his journey into music, creating music early on in sixth grade, the growing artist first heard himself recorded with a tape, and a microphone connected to a karaoke machine at his friend Kareem’s grandparent’s house.

Although not much, Big Bounce was driven to pursue his musical passion, instilling within people a fun vibe, with his own original musical compositions. Being creative and having fun soon ignited a burning passion for music within him, and Big Bounce decided to pursue his music even more seriously, inspired by his family members and neighborhood cohorts’ own musical explorations. Currently, the artist is looking forward to the release of his upcoming Hip Hop album, which recounts honest experiences.



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