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Atlanta, Georgia – March 16, 2021 – Tony Sharper and Mike Cruver are songwriters, composers, vocalists, and musicians leveraging their years of experience in the music industry to bring listeners a refreshing taste of their music with their new band. Sharper & Cruver Black Xperience Band is one of the latest bands to come out of the Atlanta music scene. From upbeat dancing music to soulful ballads, the band offers a range of music to pop and R&B lovers.

‘Now is Our Time’ is Sharper & Cruver Black Xperience Band’s latest release, a pop album containing 12 tracks. Each track is reminiscent of retro-style pop and classic R&B music with lyrics that echo the themes of love and harmony.

‘Now is Our Time’ is a dynamic album that uses powerful sounding music and lyrics to reach the audience. Sharper and Cruver believe that the band’s signature music style will convey the meaning of love and understanding. Sharper & Cruver Black Xperience Band hopes to reaffirm to listeners the spirituality that embodies everyone, making the artists feel more connected with their listeners.

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Tony Sharper is a skilled drummer and vocalist hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. With 25 years of experience in the music industry, Tony can produce music that can adapt to any concept and arrangement. He is most famous for his music, falling under pop, R&B, and gospel. His strong foundation in music theory and history allows him to create diverse lyrical compositions that all listeners find enjoyable.




Black Xperience Band
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