K554 is The Fresh New Wave for Spanish Rock

The splendid musical duo K554 is a strong self-produced sensation that continues to inspire and produce musical compositions that inspire rock and enthral listeners as they create sensation Hard Rock and Metal music

Madrid, Spain – January 25th, 2021 – Up-and-coming Spanish Rock music sensations, K554 continue to produce music that adapts to the fast-paced yet tiring troubles that strike the world currently. Independently producing, composing and mixing music remotely, K554 are strong and sensational and set to reach new heights with their musical production.

Self-released by the duo on 16th November 2020, the album exhibits stunning musical prowess of Manu on guitar, bass, vocals and piano and Jose on drums, choir and arrangements. Mixed and mastered independently, the duo is bent on producing music that people can vibe along to but also find some relatability and hip tracks which tell great tales of sadness, pain, strength and joy. K554’s music is unique in the way it is created. With much desire and enthusiasm, and from the sadness of the distance, the music encompasses the spirit of today’s troublesome time and retell the stories of trials and tribulations in a way that highlights the beauty of Rock and Spanish fused to perfection. K554, driven by Manu and Jose illuminates the experience of the age and the illusion for the beginner. They continue to make music for themselves and for the people who follow and support their convictions.

The duo’s first album “Long Distance” aims to make their music known to the world, with all the songs that they started in the past and others that have been finished in the present, which came to be birthed in the fateful year 2020.





K554 are two music fans who, back in the nineties, met in the courtyard of a secondary school in Almería (Spain). There, and at unauthorized hours most of the time, they began to make their first musical compositions, Spanish guitar in hand and voice serenading in the air. They strongly love national and international rock music (Metallica, Rammstein, Warcry, Baron Rojo, Extremoduro, Platero, etc.)

Time and destiny have brought them together and separated, until they have decided to make what was only a dream come true: to make their music known to the world. In addition, K554 have signed an unwritten pact for their musical career to continue until as long as their body endures. “Larga Distancia” (Long Distance) is the album that contains eight songs, whose first two singles are “Agotado” and “C.P.A.”. The themes are varied ranging from love, wars, adolescence, madness, etc. It has been recorded, mixed and produced without the band members having shared a single minute in the rehearsal room. In other words, it has been created entirely in the distance, hence its title.



Name: K554

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