LANI Delivers Three New Acoustic Gems In 2020 

Three New Albums Out Now 


Pahoa, Hawaii – June 16, 2020 – The first Asian American woman Poet Laureate of Queens, LANI, worked over eight solid years on her latest releases. Yes, releases. After working for almost a decade, she dropped three albums on April 20, 2020 at 4:20pm. It was then the world finally got to hear the culmination of her determination on ‘Da Hi Life, Vol, 1,2 & 3;’ ‘Grassroots,’ ‘Kehaulani & Kealohamana,’ and ‘Sweet Gold.’

Each album presents a different side of this hula dancer turned singer-songwriter. ‘Grassroots’ celebrates the island life she leads with beautifully done reggae songs, while ‘Kehaulani & Kealohamana’ takes the island sounds of Hawaii and marries them with reggae for a collection of acoustic love songs brought to life with a pair of ukuleles. The third album, ‘Sweet Gold,’ is overflowing with instrumentals that pay homage to LANI’s journeys to indigenous and native lands from around the world. She put out an eclectic mix perfect for everything from a day on the sand to a lively festival filled with dance. 

An award-winning poet, LANI knows her way around a pen and with that was able to construct these albums with not only perfection in the instrumentation but the lyrical content as well on ‘Grassroots’ and ‘Kehaulani & Kealohamana.’ When she isn’t working on music, LANI can be hula dancing, surfing, and doing yoga. Always active, LANI plans to continue working on new creative endeavors. 

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LANI didn’t hold back in 2020 when it came to new music. She dropped not one, not two, but three albums; all as unique as the last. 

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