Not Another Playne Jayne

Not Another Playne Jayne

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Not Another Playne Jayne doesn’t waste any time showing the world the kind of music that they make. From the moment their first track, Only a Test, gets going with a pretty gloomy and dark mood, but it provides a bit of an introduction to the personalities of the guys in the band. The gloom and doom of that first track really sets up a cool contrast that explodes out of the gates when their second track, Welcome to the Void, gets going. I think it was the trio’s ability to go from really low to high energy in such a powerful way that really carried me through the whole album.

Not Another Playne Jayne delivers some pretty heavy sound, with a constant and pressing beat that is meant to push you to your feet. The band is a little unconventional considering what a traditional band consists of. However, music has always been changing and defying expectations. There was a time when the orchestra was the most typical ‘band’ that you would expect. Not Another Playne Jayne, despite being a rock band has no instrumentalists. Well, it is tough to say, actually, they don’t list anyone outside of the three ‘core’ members on their website and it is pretty tough to find any confirmation on the group, I did a lot of searching. Either the group relies on JD Stefan to do all of their instrumentation and has a fill in group play their instrumentals or they synthesize it. Either way, that is pretty intense that one guy could create and imagine all of those guitar riffs, bass lines and drum fills.

So if one out of three does all of their instrumentation, what are the other two doing? Well, both Stephan Jayne, for whom the band is named, and Adam Stewart are vocalists. As neither of them are playing instruments simultaneously, you might wonder how well they share the mic, but they seem to do a pretty good job. Both have their own specific abilities and, not unlike a band like, say, Linkin Park, have somewhat distinct personalities on the mic. The definition is not quite as clear as the line that is easily distinguishable between Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington, but it is there.

Not Another Playne Jayne comes off pretty strong, they really rock their socks off on their first album. Not afraid to slow things down and show a slightly more tender side, too, they really try to show off all their colours. For a debut album, they really pack a punch and I am excited for what’s in store!


by Shari Spicer