PandaSonic Breaks On To The Scene With A Huge Bag Of Tricks Up His Sleeves

Portland, OR — Saturday, December 5th, 2020 — PandaSonic is trying to bring more to the music scene than just music. With a fully interactive VR/AR experience in mind, he is trying to change the way we party, both at home and at live shows. Born in Walla Walla area, disc jockey Adam had a dream. From that dream, PandaSonic was born in 2010. Yoder’s musical project turned out to be a perfection of Sound and Technology.

Imagine 2 things… 1. You are at a live event, sound is blasting and lights and visuals are glimmering on stage. You can already feel the music, now all you have to do is put on the PandaSonic AR headset and you are right in the world of lights and visuals. Able to interact with everything in front of you. 2. How about at home? Your missing a live show and you want to be there too. Boom PandaSonic VR and you are right there with everyone else in real-time. This is the dream and it’s not all that far away.

“It would be like being apart of the music and world that your favorite musicians created. I mean, letting them take you on a full-blown adventure through their music and mind.” PandaSonic explians excitedly!

PandaSonic has released one full-length album titled “Slide.” It received rave reviews from fans. The artist has also released two singles: “Walk the Walk” and “Rasta Pasta.” PandaSonic has performed in venues across his home state and is already blowing up streaming services with his great music. Adam is currently working on an album to be released in 2021 and is started fund raising for his VR/AR project.

So, new music, new tech, and a refreshing look, what more could you ask for? Do you want to become part of this new movement? PandaSonic is opening up collaborations and donations to help support the music and technical aspects of this undertaking. Not only can fans, new and old alike, enjoy his music but can actually become part of the PandaSonic Collective and if you are one of those Techy fans that wants to contribute to some really groundbreaking experiences you are welcome to reach out to Adam and join the team.

Head over to which will have everything you need to link up and become part of the PandaSoninc Collective. Music Links, Social Medias, Donation Link, and more to come!






Adam has been inspired by artists like Skrillex. Adam combines EDM with Dubstep, Trap, HipHop and Trance. His music is not only a musical journey but one with excellent visuals as well. Adam’s songs are an imaginative journey that listeners can’t miss out on.

Adam is currently working on his 2021 album and writing more music. He wants to take his music to the next level and inspire others. He plays to break more music barriers with PandaSonic and to make people smile and dance. Adam would also like to help other musicians launch their music careers by being a mentor/producer one day.



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