Rapper Dici Releases EP

There’s something incredibly refreshing about the exuberance and fearlessness coded within the raps of DICI in his self-titled debut EP. From the revved up opener “4Door” to the final “Shibuya”, his vehicle references and wide-swath of a lyrical pallet leave the listener with oodles of grooves and astounding beats. Young? Yeah, he’s young, but the layering and the mastering of these songs are examples of an artist wise beyond his age. At 17, the world is for his taking. DICI is has made that first lap in this five-track EP.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dicimusic/?hl=en

DICI, who grew up in Milan (Italy) and is now based in Miami, floods the listener with a variety of sounds and beats. In other words, there is no template to his music bed structure. His vocal flow, much like Eminem, is spirited and feels very on-the-fly. Before you get tender-hearted for nostalgic Slim Shady, realize that DICI is entirely in his own world. The beat in “4Door” has just enough bounce to transport the listener into DICI’s bravado, confident scene. Whenever I shoot, you know that I score, he slays. He’s quick enough to have to really listen to each note, each lyric, but not too quick you can’t catch your breath.

“Vector” is a standout track. The beat is slick AF. It has this dazzling mix of brightness with just a whisper of dramatism. This might sound insane, but I could see it being the score or the backing music for a ballet. The dance DICI creates with his flow and the backing beat is fantastic. Then in “305 Interlude” DICI continues to charm in a more laid-back style. This one gave off the Miami vibes pretty hardcore. I slipped away into that Miami heat and found myself yearning for the sun.

“Bar For Bar” has some additional references to cars and cruising in the woods. DICI once again mentions space and other planets with a quick mention of Pluto. Finally, in the last track “Shibuya” DICI references his Japanese influences. According to his biography, DICI’s mother is Japanese. Shibuya is a ward in Tokyo, Japan, known for its “scramble crossing.” I’m sky high so I’m breathing the fog, he raps. I’d like to think this is a double-meaning, as in the feeling of being unstoppable or of course, being high on drugs. He does mention marijuana in other tracks, but “Shibuya” made me connect more with the idea he’s in love with this Japanese girl and she really strikes him as if time stood still.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/dici-ep/1538751898?uo=4

DICI has many moments of profanity, but overall, I think where DICI cuts the deepest is in his bass grooves and music layering. He really builds songs with a strong foundation and ones that are incredibly unique. You aren’t getting a run-of-the-mill sound with DICI. I know I’ve referenced his age and quite frankly I don’t think it’s all that necessary that I should have included. He’s got such a wicked look at his beats and as he gains experience, I think his storylines will continue to awe.

Zachary Rush