Real Rap! Is Back! No Caps! The wait’s over J Almighty and Spoatymac.

J Almighty and Spoatymac are artists from Las Vegas who made plans to storm the Hip Hop scene with superb lyricism and catchy hooks to ride to. J Almighty and Spoatymac decided to enter the music world with a new album called “The 9th Power”. The album is coming soon and will be available to listeners all over the world through J Almighty and Spoatymac’s website and social media handles.

North Las Vegas, Nevada – May 30, 2021 – J Almighty and the Spoatymac are entering the world of HipHop music with a new album that seeks to blow the minds of the listeners. The album is one of its kind with sounds everyone can appreciate, featuring artists such as Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Knoc- Turn’al and Juicy J to name a few. The album also features production by Hitman Beatz, Super Dope Quayz, Cederic Schoeman, J-Toven, Dreamlife beats and Leek Thats Fye.

J Almighty and Spoatymac made a lot of noise on the underground HipHop music scene. Drawing inspiration from acts such as Run DMC, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, DMX, LL Cool J and old school R&B. They believe music is an art and should be kept alive with fresh sounds, creativity and articulate lyrics. One of their goals as artist is to maintain the original art of music by creating sounds that appeals to everyone. Especially those that understand and appreciate the true essence of Hip Hop.




J Almighty and Spoatymac spent years on the music scene receiving various awards and other media recognition between the two, along with multiple solo releases on their respective labels. Heat City Recordz and Roughhouse Entertainment. They have collaborated on the singles “Pop that Thang” and “All on the line” before agreeing to combine efforts to finally develop a joint project, “The 9th Power”. J Almighty and Spoatymac have one goal in mind, and that is to maintain and pay homage to the artform while keeping if fresh and creative.

Be sure to check out their new single and video The Takeover. Also available is the female anthem… She Got That.


Name: J Almighty and Spoatymac
Email: [email protected]