Former DaBhann Member Michael “Sparkey” Drakes Is Back With A New Single That Is A Tribute To George Floyd And The Black Lives Matter Campaign

Michael is a Caribbean singer who believes that music and its style can be turned at a three sixty if conscious and meaningful lyrics are added to tunes. He believes that the lyrics of his music set with a unique tone and beat will set his music apart. He wants the readers to feel his music but in a unique way.

New York, New York  – Date———- Michael Drakes was born in Guyana which is in South America but because of South America’s ties to the British rule, the residents of Guyana are referred to as part of the Caribbean and therefore their musical style is intertwined in the region. Michael sings soca along with ragga soca, dancehall, and reggae. Michael is gifted with a baritone voice which is suited for ragga-soca and dancehall.

Michael wrote and sang the song “Can’t breathe” himself. The song was initially released for the public, when Michael participated in an online event on July 6, 2020. The song is a beautiful mixture of a dancehall tune with conscious and meaningful lyrics. The unique mixture of music that Michael comes up with sets him apart from musicians that create music in the soca and ragga-soca genre.

Michael has written a song on the outbreak of COVID – 19 around the world. The song is a blend of calypso and soca; the musical tunes make it touching and appealing to the heart.

Michael plans on releasing a new solo album tentatively in 2022. He intends on making soca a renowned genre in the music industry and to work for the category with all of his passion.




Michael was born in Guyana, South America, he started singing in his church, he could be heard on any given Sunday thrilling the congregation with his heavy baritone voice.

Michael joined the Guyana Defence Force(GDF) it was here that he received the name of Sparkey. Sparkey performed with GDF and several other bands before leaving Guyana at the behest of the Tonik Band to relocate to Antigua in 1997.

After the break-up of Tonik Band, Sparkey did stints with Vision 2000 where he wrote and recorded eleven of the twelve songs that appeared on the Vision 2000 album.

In 2004 as a member of the group Da Bhann, Sparkey toured with Atlantic Recording artist Kevin Lyttle.
In April of 2007, Michael decided to release his first solo CD aptly titled “Sparkey & Friends Back 2 Basics”, with fourteen tracks.

In October 2007 Sparkey & Friends Back 2 Basics was nominated for three awards by Toronto Exclusive Magazine in Canada and he was awarded Best International World Male Artist and Best International World CD Album.

Sparkey is now charting his own course on the world stage with his brand of music.



Name: Michael drakes
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