Reggae/Dancehall Musician Buscoby Don Releases Inspirational New Single, “Must Rich”

Buscoby Don’s new single gives hope to inner-city Jamaican youth living in poverty.

North York, ON, Canada — The mission of reggae/dancehall musician Buscoby Don is to help as many of his peers as he can to find what they are good at and capitalize off of it, just as he did with the music industry. Thinking that it’s the lack of opportunities that makes them so violent, on February 3, 2022, he released his new single, “Must Rich”, to show inner-city Jamaican youth that if he could get out, so could they. He wants this new song to be used as motivation or inspiration to let his audience know that even when it seems as if their dreams are being crushed, they should keep pressing on. He wants to let them know that many have been in their situation before, and in even worse situations, but still managed to keep pressing on and live their dreams.

Buscoby Don wants “Must Rich” to be used as a constant reminder of hope to those who cannot see their way out of poverty to let them know that once there is a will, there is a way. He will release a variety of new singles in the near future along with a new EP called “Mind Over Matter”. Until then Buscoby Don will be constantly promoting this new single until he can reach as many minds as possible.

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Hailing from the rough streets of Kingston, Jamaica, Buscoby Don is a reggae/dancehall artiste. Desperate and hungry to escape from poverty and to stop what he calls a generational curse, he arms himself with the one tool known to lead ghetto youths to success and to bring them together in a short space of time, music! Writing and performing for his peers, the artiste quickly became the topic of discussion. This Don, however, has pushed himself to become a college graduate and independent business owner of the fashion line BrandBD. More information about the artiste can be found on his main website, where there is also his clothing line, and everything related to the hashtag #BuscobyDon! Buscoby Don is looking forward to soothing his listeners’ ears and showing them why the song titled “Must Rich” plays a keen role in the artiste success story today!


Buscoby Don
Name: Buscoby Don
Address: 3685 Keele Street, Unit 10, North York, ON, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (289)638-9934




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