Rich or Poor, Keith Dunn’s Music Features Universal Experiences

Westcounty’s Keith Dunn weaves music which is easy to listen to but heavy on impact

Windsor, UK – January 15th, 2021 – Keith Dunn produces supple and easy music, one which can easily weave in and out of your soul and leave you feeling a little different without demanding anything on your part at all. Keith is driven by a genuine desire to express life’s highs and lows so that people may find something they relate to, that make them feel part of a collective and a little less alone in this big world.

Stringing together meaningful words to produce unique music, Keith says inspiration comes to him easy. He has always found the inspiration “there”, lingering expectantly at the horizon for him to grab and turn into art. His ability to create music in both the good and bad times reflect the nature of the music itself. During the good times, the music becomes a symbol of celebration, of unadulterated joy, and of sheer happiness. In bad times, the music helps the listeners heal, to find courage, and to carry on as always. Keith is driven by the same motivation of making people believe in the inevitability of good times and preventing them from giving up.

Having been through the vicissitudes of life, Keith has known both poverty and riches of life. This is perhaps why his music is so relatable and devoid of unnecessary of fluff. He draws his inspiration from real-life experiences, and each one of his pieces reflect on the things that he has been through.

His song “Dear Santa” is an ode to all the childhood letters he wrote to Santa asking for Christmas presents. More than that, the song also reflects on mortality and how quickly time flies by. His another song, “Christmas Night” is reminiscent piece about Christmas and holidays during childhood. It captures the joy one feels when the beautiful ornaments hang from the green Christmas tree.

Another one of his songs, “Strength” from the “True Believers” Album, reflects on the need to have courage and the power of not quitting when bad things come at us. Similarly, “Never Too Late” from “New Year Change” Album has an underlying optimistic theme and encourages listeners to take ownership of their lives and circumstances.

As the artist continues to find inspiration in everyday life, Keith intends to continue making music and hopes to get featured in films or commercials.





Keith Dunn is a singer and songwriter from the Westcountry in the UK. He has been writing, singing, and recording music for over 25 years. His music is driven by inspiration derived from life itself. Keith draws his ideas from the places he visits, the people he meets, and the experiences that he has been through. Keith’s goal is to get his music into films and TV as he finds himself ready to write music about anything that tickles his fancy.



Name: Keith Dunn Westcountry UK

Email: [email protected]