Rock the LAB is a Band Formed Through International Collaboration, Family and Friendship

Los Angeles, CA – Rock the LAB was originally formed by cousins Eduardo Teles (Guitar – Brasilia, Brazil) and Leo Barthel (Vocals/Guitar – California, USA) who spent much time playing and writing music together throughout their childhood and later in life. With time the band grew to later include another music lover in Renato Azevedo (Guitar – Brasilia, Brazil) and most recently Chris Ridge (Bass – Perth, Australia). An amazing fact about the group is that there are some of them have actually not yet met in person but what has grown since is a group who shares a love of music, both as consumers and in co-creation, as well as a solid friendship.

In principle the need to collaborate online was due to the groups geological differences in the cities that they call home. However, in the current world environment the isolation of band mates has reinforced the need to work together with the available tools.

Inspired by the sounds of Bon Jovi, Creed, Oasis, REM as well as many more bands and as many songwriters do, Rock the LAB uses personal experience to create music. In the true sense of the word, the group collaborates openly with each other and are constantly sharing ideas for lyrics, runs, riffs and work together to incorporate their best into music until they have a final version that hits the mark.

The group’s first EP, “This is Rock the LAB”, was made available on digital platforms at the end of 2019 and shortly after released on CD. Many of the songs, including Beauty Queen and My Angel, are performed in English and so the band’s audience has been predominantly based in Brazil and the USA.

Rock the LAB is currently finishing their second EP and hope to have all the songs available on digital platforms by June 2021.

The center of their world, aside from their beautiful families, is music. The fact that in this modern world creating something whilst being so far apart is inspiring in itself.
Despite never having played together or even practiced in the same room and because of the logistics, Rock the LAB’s main intention (for now) is to be available in all digital platforms instead of being on tour or on stage.

The four rockers are passionate about their music and are having fun creating it. Check out their music visit the links below and follow them on Instagram.

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