Salvatore Michael Has Two Sides, and Both are Great

Salvatore Michael Has Two Sides, and Both are GreatIn a day and age where there are more reality singing competitions than syndicated shows, it is easy to know have that as your starting point when listening to new music by up and coming artists. So if you were hip to the last season of The Voice, than you’re familiar with Cody Bleau and his take on pop. When one first here Salvatore Michael’s Summer Low, that is who they might liken him to. Summer Low is an upbeat pop song with a smidge of an 80’s influence sprinkled about in the electronic hints. You know that when Salvatore plays that one, it is time for a fun dance party to ensue. On the other side of the spectrum lays Nothing at All. That was the total opposite of Summer Low. Nothing at All had a clear, singer/songwriter feel to it and it was as if it were a different artist completely. The various styles Salvatore can pull of is a good attribute to have. If you are into artists like Kris Allen then you will like what Salvatore Michael has in store for you. (